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About Me

Hi there!

I'm Aiden. I'm a husband and father of three sons. I love golf and spend a bit of time researching and testing mens golf club sets.

Hoping to turn one of my boys into the next Tiger Woods!

See you on the links!

About Me

My name is Alezsandra and I live in London.  I've been married for almost ten years and have two wonderful children, a girl that's seven and a boy who is five.  My husband and I met at school and we've been together ever since, I'm very proud of that, it's almost unheard of these days.


I love cats and own a cattery and I think I have the perfect job.  I get up, play with cats all day and get paid for it.  Life doesn't get any better than that.


I'm interested in history and tracing my family tree.  I've managed to get as far back as the 1600s and I even have some royal blood running through my veins... very much diluted but that's not the point, it makes me feel important lol!


I like reading, swimming and pottering in my little garden.  I'm a "little" bit overweight and have just joined the Fat Loss 4 Idiots program to try and lose a couple of stone in time for my sisters wedding in November.  I've been doing all of the usual things, you know, pictures of very fat people on the fridge, chomping on carrots and the like.  I've also cut out all of the sweets and chocolate and go for a spoon of Manuka Honey whenever I have the craving for something sweet.  At least it's healthy.


So, nice to meet you all, I'm looking forward to being part of the community.

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33 years old
About Me

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32 years old

Austin Abe
39 years old
About Me

My Name is Austin. Yes, Im a self-proclaimed tech geek.

I love to travel and meet new people.

Im also big on online gaming with my Mac, getting the newest technology updates.


Like I said, Im a hard core nerd and proud of it.


Feel free to leave a mesage with your newest finds in the computing world, if you want.

About Me

My nick name is Loz and I am a student with a love for tennis and games. I

I live in Florida and like to shop, look after my two cats and hang out

with my friends.

In my spare time I like to play online games (escape games are one of

my fav's) and be eco friendly to help make the world greener place for all!

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39 years old
About Me

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About Me

I have personally seen the electronic cigarette help people stop using cancer causing tobacco.  I have helped many of my friends make the switch from tobacco to the ecig saving their lungs and a significant amount of their hard earned money. 



I am a Regional Manager with inLife LLC which is the only network marketing company that has the ecig as its core product line. 



If you are a person who is interested in learning more about the electronic cigarette then take a look at the website that I have put together. 



If you decide to make the switch to the ecig and want to make some money for helping your friends and family do the same then check out my inLife website and join the team!

38 years old
About Me

Hi. My name is Paul and I'm from west London in the UK. A big fan of Liverpool football club I'm looking forward to a successful 2010 season with new owners and more money to buy new players. C'mon the 'Pool!

I love to take part in extreme events and in 2007 I completed the Marathon des Sables (Africa-Sahara) and in 2009 I completed the Jungle Marathon (Brazil). And in order to prepare for these events I spent a lot of time doing boot camp exercises which got me very fit and strong.

Other pastimes include golf and I also play badminton once a week, just to get rid of some work stress and to catch up with some friends. 

I don't have many vices, although I do like a few drinks every once in a while and I also like to make desserts like Cheesecake and Brownies so I guess my other vice is having a 'sweet tooth'.

Bobby S Price
42 years old
About Me

Hi I'm Rob and I'm partly of Italian descent and partly of English - my passions are pasta and polo. I also love riding vespas around with a certain disregard for safe practices, both my own and other folks, and I many times like to mix this activity with enjoying massively substantial quantities of low-budget beer. This typically results in me being broke, and so I usually depend on payday loans to cover the gap left by my irresponsible life-style. Perhaps some day I'll mature... Peace - until later.

40 years old
About Me


Clark Periculum
About Me

Hey folks!  Nice to meet you by web, at least.


About me- I live in Milani Mauka, HI.  Mauka is Hawaiian for"toward the mountains," so we are the "new" section of atown called Mililani, right off H2 in the heart of the island of Oahu (Oahu isone of the 8 major islands, and where 3/4 of Hawaii's residents call home).


I spend a lot of time running, weight lifting, reading, enjoyingchocolate and pizza (which is why I have to spend so much time running!), andexploring new sites on the web (which is how I found this site).  I alsoenjoy spending time with my pets.


As for websites to recommend, I have quite a few: fun and interesting Delicious bookmarks on a large number of sites, some bookmarks and my TypePad blog.



Confronting Cheating Spouse Army ,
46 years old
About Me

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Daniel Smith
41 years old
About Me

I am a small business owner of Your Wedding, a Wedding Favors company on the Mediterranean Island of Malta, servicing the European market.

I have a background in Investment Banking and love all sorts of sports.

I am originally from Melbourne, Australia but am now married to a Maltese woman.

About Me

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You will probably be better off sticking with the major manufacturers, such as Britax and Evenflo. You really can not go wrong with models such as the Britax Marathon, Britax Roundabout, Britax Boulevard, and the Britax Advocate CS. The Evenflo Triumph is also a great choice. You will want to make certain that you just do plenty of research prior to making a decision. You may also want to check with your pediatrician to see if they're aware of any changes or recalls that may possibly have happened for well-known seats.



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49 years old
About Me

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Gordon Gregory
About Me


I am very interested in nutrition - especially Omega 3 Supplements.

Recently I have read alot about the role of Mucopolysaccharides in good health. It is definately eye opening.

Hunter Austin
About Me

Hey, I'm Hunter, a trainer from North Texas. I work with baseball, football and softball players. I've used kettlebells to improve throwing arm strength and hitting distance for ballplayers, and explosive strength for football.

I also help the chiropractors at as an advisor on their hotline.

James Blake
36 years old
About Me

James Blake is a telecommunications specialist and has been working in the telecom industry for 20 years. He is passionate about helping people solving their technical challenges and learn about technology. Currently, he is studing about cell phone number trace and reverse cell phone  lookup.

James Dunworth
42 years old
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